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It was three in the morning at the Granville Street White Lunch, where the day was ending for some habitués and the night was in full swing for others.

Faces, Champagne Charlie’s and the Thunderbird Cabaret had sent their revelers home for the night, but those who couldn’t or wouldn’t sleep, were too stoned to sleep, or had no place to sleep, joined others of the demimonde to compare notes about the tricks, drugs, rip-offs and the assorted scandals of the preceding evening.

It was my job, at $20 a week, to write it all down for my weekly column in the Georgia Straight.
The drag shows, the Gay Liberation Front meetings, the boycotts and hair-pullings, the late nights at the after-hours booze cans, and the early mornings at the White Lunch.

You may have been there one of those nights, and wondered if you’d show up in next week’s column.

It was 1970, and we didn’t have a clue!

Now it’s 2013. I can’t say if we’ve found a clue in the meantime, but boy do we have some stories to tell!

Help me fill in the blanks!

I’m 61-years-old for goodness sake, and my memories are a bit muddled. If you were there for our amazing ride through the 70s and early 80s, please drop me a line. Let’s rehash some old gossip, re-open some old wounds, put some ancient rumours to rest and generally confirm that the 70s were a good time to be queer and here.

Maybe Xtra will give our stories some space. Maybe a publisher will consider a book. Maybe the kids (there have been a couple generations of disco-bunnies grow up and grow old since the 70s) will find our tales amusing. Maybe nobody will care. Maybe we’ll just have a blast!

I’ve started this website to bring those stories together$1—$2yours, mine and those we aren’t quite sure of. Drop me a line at qq@stillqq.com and let’s have one more kick at the can.
Eventually each of the stories listed to the left, and many more, will include the opportunity for feedback, corrections, embellishments or complete denials.


Q.Q can be reached at qq@stillqq.com.

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